Whoops, I have the wrong site….

Yeah, I finally upgraded from pl8r.wordpress.com (don’t worry–any old links will still redirect to the new one). I did so because I want to make this site about more than license plates. I’ll start to upload pieces of writing I’ve done and, ultimately, information about myself as I see fit for applications, making connections, etc.

The license plates pages are getting majorly restructured over the next few days, but they’ll look really nice when they’re done.


~Colin M~

MEGA site update coming.

Hey all,

So, a quick discussion of my website in general. Currently, it’s structured in such a way that only one plate from each county (and many counties aren’t even shown) is displayed. This system worked well when I was first starting out and only had one plate per county.

However, thanks to a couple of recent deals, I’m just past the halfway point of having 5 consecutive runs–one for each year. As such, I’ll be doing away with the common, uncommon, and rare blocks and I’ll be replacing them with links to pages that contain pictures of each county on any years I have it. It will also have indicators of the counties’ degrees of rarity.

So, for example, you’ll see Alcona County first (since I’ll be doing them alphabetically), and it will show the county name and a 9 (out of 10 for rarity). When you click on “Alcona County”, it will take you to a list of respective codes and pictures of the plates I have on 1965-1969 (which is currently, for Alcona, all but 1969).

Any other site feedback is appreciated if you have any. This update will hopefully roll out around the end of the month or the beginning of January.



I’ve regained access of my WP account!

After almost seven months of being locked out of my WordPress account, I’ve finally been able to access the pl8r blog again.


So, what have I been up to? I have arranged a trade with another collector for a 1968 pair of Montmorency county plates and will be getting those in about a week and a half at the Mt. Airy ALPCA meet.

Oh, and speaking of which—I’ve rejoined ALPCA, and my membership number is, as it once was, 11808.

Rare counties I need have become harder to find since there are fewer I need to fill in the holes in my collection. Amidst my now-finished senior year of high school and college preparations, I have been collecting random, unique Michigan license plates and glass by McKee, Hazel-Atlas, and Pyrex.

I have an active eBay store as well, and the handle is pl8r.

That’s all I have to report. Thanks for checking in, and my pages will be updated shortly as necessary.

Happy plating!




Sorry it took two and a half months to get the update up, but there’s been a ton of new addition since November. New photos on several pages, a brand new page for rare county trading, and probably more! Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Happy pl8ing,


Spring Cleaning

Hi, all,

Here’s a summary of the site updates I made:

  • Old links have been removed and new ones have been added in the eBay section
  • Added “last updated” section to the eBay page to show how relevant the listings are
  • Listing links were also removed from the showcase page due to the fact that they will become inactive at some point
  • New Antrim County pics added!
  • Missaukee photo glitch was fixed (the photo didn’t show up before)
  • New UP photo gallery was added

If you see anything else that needs fixing, comment/email me.

Happy plating!