Academic Writing/Publications


Impact of guitar instruction on functional movement and well-being in Parkinson disease: Guitar PD (in press)

I began researching in my freshman year of college with the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute Center for Music and Medicine, working under the leadership of principal investigators Dr. Alexander Pantelyat and Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray. I was an assistant on “Guitar-PD” – a project that taught 24 people with moderate-to-advanced Parkinson’s to play guitar. My tasks included administering cognitive tests (Purdue Pegboard Test, Box and Blocks Task, MoCA, WHODAS, and QDASH), transcribing and manipulating data, and contributing to patient comfort. About half of my work was done independently, and half was with study participants and my teammates. We demonstrated a positive correlation between group guitar playing and improvements in life quality and upper extremity function. This paper will be published in 2020.

Other academic writing

GRFP research proposal (click here)

This was my 2019 NSF GRFP research proposal. It outlines the study I’ll be leading (research question: does learning to sight read increase working memory capacity?), my merits, and why the study matters.

Writing sample: A New Renaissance (click here)

This was a final paper I wrote for my 20th-century music theory class in my sophomore year of college. It discusses the roles minimalism played in the development of 1960s/1970s music and art. This essay is representative of both my writing style and my proficiency in advanced topics in music.