Colin McGregor
License Plate Collector | ALPCA 11808

2000 - Present | Jackson County, CO

Welcome to my gallery of license plates issued in Jackson County, CO from 2000 and onward—ZJ is dead, license plates begin following the same format regardless of type, and Colorado stumbles as they figure out how to issue beyond 999-ZZZ.

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NOTE: The source of every single Jackson County plate I have is credited. To see the individual from whom I got a particular plate, hover over it with your cursor. Not applicable on mobile devices.

2000 - Present

In 2000, Colorado shifted to using one single issuing format to maximize the number of issuable plate combinations. This did away with county allotments completely; however, years of careful research has yielded some information about allotments from Jackson County, which can be accessed here.

123-ABC passenger (A-M)

123-ABC passenger (N-Z)

Q-on-the-right passenger

ABC-123 passenger

Designer Series Passenger

Other Optional Passenger Plates

These have all been verified as Jackson County issues either via Carfax or sticker numbers.

Standard truck

Farm truck


Gross Value Weight Truck (GVW)

Gross Value Weight Tractor (TVW)