Colin McGregor
License Plate Collector | ALPCA 11808

1977-2000 | Jackson County, CO

Welcome to my gallery of license plates issued in Jackson County, CO from 1977-2000—when ZJ begins to fall, and the modernization of the Colorado license plate really begins.

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NOTE: The source of every single Jackson County plate I have is credited. To see the individual from whom I got a particular plate, hover over it with your cursor. Not applicable on mobile devices.


In 1959, the state of Colorado began to move away from two-letter prefixes in an effort to account for significant population growth, and the state begins to use plates for more than one or two years. Jackson county passenger license plates adopt FGC, FGE, and FGE and their allotments, trailers now begin with F, and various optional tags become available for registration. Click here for a full list of Colorado's county codes and allotments.


1977-1981 Passenger

1982-1991 Passenger

1992-2000 Passenger

Designer Series Passenger

Other Optional Passenger Plates

These have all been verified as Jackson County issues either via Carfax or sticker numbers.

Personalized Plates

SHORTS was confirmed Jackson via sticker number. CORKLE, apart from relating explicitly to CORKLE3 in morpheme alone, is the name of the long-time local family who owns a local convenience store (and some other businesses). If you're ever in Walden, stop by the Shell gas station and buy a souvenir T-shirt from Corkle's.


1977-1981 Standard Truck

1982-1991 Standard Truck

1992-2000 Standard Truck

Designer Series Truck

1977-1981 Farm

1982-1991 (and further?) Farm

Other Truck and Tractor Types (1977-2000)


1977-1981 Trailer

1982-1991 Trailer

1992-2000 Trailer


1977-1981 Motorcycle

1982-1991 (and further?) Motorcycle

Local Government

1977-1981 Local Government

1982-1991 Local Government

1992-2000 Local Government

Special Mobile Equipment